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The world as we know it is changing. It's changing in ways that we realize, but it's also changing in ways that we don't. We all know about the changes in climate and politics, but not many people are aware of the massive shift currently ongoing in the global economy.

The more time passes, the more institutions and countries using Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency has gone from a digital trinket to a type of investment to what is about to become the new standard currency for the global market. Even in the United States, all the SEC is talking about is cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and regulations.

Profit Bitcoin is your definitive gateway to shift into this new economic landscape. We're going to help you trade Bitcoin, and in doing so, enable you to make the shift before it becomes substantially harder. The team here at Profit Bitcoin has been working tirelessly to make sure that the platform is as effective and efficient as possible. Through the use of our knowledge and expertise, you have a chance to trade with Bitcoin without having to possess that knowledge yourself.

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Why is Bitcoin Taking Over?

All of this talk about Bitcoin becoming the new standard in digital currency might seem like a fantasy to some people, but that isn't surprising. Most old school investors have become so stuck in their ways that anything that threatens those economic foundations is dismissed as nothing more than a fad. However, their trust in the economy is greatly misplaced.

  • In fact, it's because of the global economy that Bitcoin is needed so badly. Think back to 10 or even 20 years ago. Do you remember how much one dollar was worth? How much you could buy with it? It went much further than one dollar does know. Against that, the old guard economists argue that the average pay rate has also gone up to combat this inflation.
  • Sure, it has, but the rate of inflation and the increase in pay rate are far from proportionate. The average cost of living in many states in the U.S., as well as countries from around the world, has never been higher above the minimum wage line than it is now. If people are working 40, 50, and 60 hours per week and are still struggling to get by, then there's an issue with your economy. That issue all comes down to inflation.
  • The most basic principle of economics is the notion of supply and demand and how it relates to value. The less of something there is, and the more people want it, the more it's worth, hence the value of Bitcoin. The more of something there is, and the less people want it both drive the value of something down. Not to say that people don't want dollars, but there are simply too many of them in circulation.
  • The U.S. has been printing dollars at a ludicrous rate that has driven down the value of the currency and is poised to cripple the American economy. As the years go by, the government is constantly approving the printing of more dollars in an effort to generate money to pay off its trillion-dollar debt.
  • The issue with this is that it just makes everyone else suffer. Suppose you decided to open a savings account and just put dollars into it every payday. In that case, it's plausible that you would actually lose money over 10 or 20 years, even with the interest rate on the account. Inflation is the fatal flaw in modern economic policy and philosophy. It's a fatal flaw that has gone ignored too long to the point where we now essentially need a get out of jail free card. That card is Bitcoin.
  • Every major economy in the world is set to collapse, and it's not by accident. These economies were never built to last by design. That's why we need a massive change and why the world's governments are moving to adopt Bitcoin as soon as possible.

How Does Bitcoin Solve the Issue

All of this sounds very "end of days," we get it. However, the team here at Profit Bitcoin, as well as the wider crypto community, are very excited for what's to come. Bitcoin is going to enable humanity to relish in what could be a new economic and financial golden age, so long as the right people play their cards the right way.

With that being said, how does Bitcoin solve the big inflation issue? By being inflation proof. It can't be that simple, but it is. You see, what makes currencies like the dollar prone to inflation is the fact that it's controlled by humans. There are people that decide when to print more money and how much of it to print. Bitcoin takes those humans out of the equation.

Instead, Bitcoin is created and run on an independent network called a blockchain. This blockchain has no single individual in charge. It is maintained by humans, but they are working for the blockchain as opposed to running it. The way to solve a currency inflation problem is to make sure that humans can't alter the rate at which the currency is produced, and that's exactly what Bitcoin has done through its creation process, called mining.

What is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin mining is the name given to the process by which new Bitcoin is created. The people that take part in Bitcoin mining are called Bitcoin miners. The Bitcoin blockchain, or network, needs humans to monitor it and validate the transactions that go through it. They make sure that everything is working correctly and above board.

In exchange for this service, those people are paid periodically in freshly minted Bitcoin units. This is the only way for new Bitcoin to come into circulation. These people are, for all tense and purpose, are working for the Bitcoin network. They tend to immediately convert their payment into fiat currencies for day-to-day use, which is an event you can generally tell has happened by the market movements.

The fact that this is how Bitcoin is created is the single most important aspect of it. If there was a multibillionaire sitting in a tower pushing a button to make more Bitcoins, it wouldn't be nearly as exciting.

However, it's decentralized by design, keeping it independent from any controlling parties. This decentralization means a lot more than just being inflation-proof, though.

Bitcoin and Decentralization

Bitcoin is a libertarian's wildest dreams come to life. The decentralized nature of it means that it is fully anonymous, and as a result, is solely in your control. When you keep your funds in your bank account, you don't really have control over them. If Uncle Sam is unhappy with you, he can freeze your account or even seize it all together. Even a worker that accidentally slips and presses a button can result in you being locked out of your account.

If someone can snap their fingers and take away your access to your hard-earned money, is it really yours?
Bitcoin enthusiasts don't seem to think so, and neither does the team here at Profit Bitcoin. When you're keeping your money in Bitcoin, there's nothing any government or bank can do about it. That money is yours, and you alone have access to it.

Not only does this protect your funds from being taken or frozen, but it also keeps all of your transactions fully anonymous. There's no way for anyone to see what you're buying. In an age when people are constantly being monitored by the "Big Brother" government styles of the modern world, this disconnect from the system is of massive significance and a good indicator of a brighter future to come.

Be Part of that Brighter Future with Profit Bitcoin

You have a chance to get a discounted ticket to the rocket ship that's going to bring you into that brighter future.
The more time passes, the more Bitcoin gradually grows in value. It might go through high swings and low swings, but it's clear that there is a steady upwards growth trend over time.

Therefore, the sooner you decide to invest, the more bang you're going to get for your buck. Your buck is already limping, but it's still going to be able to get you a decent amount of Bitcoin. If you decide to wait before investing, then not only is the price of Bitcoin going to go up, but the value of the dollar is going to go down.

That's why time is of the essence. The Bitcoin future is a ticking time bomb. Eventually, that explosion is going to go off, and the rocket ship is going to launch, so make sure you're on it when it does. At Profit Bitcoin, we're going to provide you not only with your ticket but with all the tools and knowledge that you need to not only make it but to thrive and prosper in a new economic age brought about by a shift to Bitcoin in the global economy.

The History of Bitcoin

Before you dive into your investment, it's time for a little history lesson. Everyone always associates Bitcoin with the year 2017. That was the year that rocked the world and changed the course of human economics, for sure, but not the year that Bitcoin's story began.

In fact, Bitcoin has been floating around the ether since 2009. The concept and philosophy behind Bitcoin has been around for even longer than that, going back as far as the first digital bank wire transfers in the 1960s. Bitcoin just wandered for much of the 2010s after its creation. It grew in a few dollars of value every so often, but it remained not even the tiniest of a fraction of what it is today.

If you told someone in 2009 that Bitcoin was going to be humanity's saving grace, they would think you're crazy, but here we are. Bitcoin grew to a few dollars in value by the time 2017 rolled around, but everything changed in that year. Seemingly overnight, Bitcoin caught the eye of one particular investing whale, and they decided to move a mountain of money into it. Needless to say, this caused the value of Bitcoin to jump instantaneously. The sudden and dramatic rise in value brought about more investors to Bitcoin who also invested their money, driving the value up even further.

All of this sudden price movement managed to catch the attention of the media, who began running stories on Bitcoin and further exposing it to the wider world, bring it more attention and more investors. This ended up becoming a very dangerous and rapid cycle where the constant coverage and buzz were bringing more and more people into the coin. Bitcoin was still in its early days, so the market had yet to settle on the value that Bitcoin should hold.

As a result, the currency went into a bubble. Any smart investor could have told you that Bitcoin was going to crash before stabilizing out. It did crash, of course, and it did stabilize out. With that initial buzz and volatility out of its system, Bitcoin began a steady rise to dominance. It began to regain the value it had at its heights without all of the artificial market pumping that had driven it the first time around. It was a safer and more promising investment.

This upward trend continued into 2020, which is when the global pandemic came about. Ironically, however, the Coronavirus was actually an event that managed to prove how solid Bitcoin really is. It crashed in value just like every other single thing in existence, but unlike those things, it regained its value almost instantly. All of the big money investors, in the face of bankruptcy, began moving their money into Bitcoin. It was seen as the safest investment one could hold.

It couldn't go bankrupt and liquidate like a company with stocks could, and it wasn't a country's currency that could take a hit like the dollar or euro. It also didn't power those economies like gold. The independent and decentralized nature of Bitcoin, again, proved to be its biggest strength. In late 2020, Bitcoin broke through its previous all-time high, just cementing its place in the modern world.

Bitcoin FAQs

Over the time that we were developing Profit Bitcoin, we constantly got asked questions about what it is, what Bitcoin is, how it works, and so on. We've gathered some of the questions that we heard the most of down below into an FAQ section for you to have a look at.

What is a Whale?

When we're talking about a whale in investing, we're not talking about the animal. The name comes from the size difference between a whale and the other creatures in the ocean.

Similarly, an investing whale is an extremely wealthy investor that moves a lot of money around. These people are dealing in tens of millions, if not more, every single day.

The way whale moves their money can actively impact a market, negatively or positively. Think back to when George Soros broke the bank of England. That's the amount of money these people are moving around.

If you don't know about that event, you should do a bit of research on it. It's going to serve as a case study on the power that investing whales have and why we need to pay attention to them.

How Much Money Should I Have to Start Investing with Profit Bitcoin?

As a rule of thumb, the team at Profit Bitcoin considers $250 to be a solid starting point for a beginner Bitcoin trader. It's an amount that gives you a solid foundation to trade off of without being so expensive that it locks some people out.

Rather than looking at how much you have, examine your circumstances before you start investing in Bitcoin. If you're living paycheck to paycheck or struggling to make rent, don't invest in Bitcoin or anything else for that matter.

Despite how important and strong Bitcoin is, it can still be very risky to trade in the short term. A great rule for beginner traders that a lot of people find success with is that if you have an amount of money that you could set on fire and it wouldn't affect you or the way you're living, then that's what you can invest.

Is Bitcoin the Only Worthwhile Cryptocurrency?

No, there are plenty of other cryptos out there besides Bitcoin that are worth having a look at. Ethereum is Bitcoin's number two, and XRP is always a dark horse in the crypto race.

That being said, every single crypto, those two included, take after Bitcoin. All of the coins are following in Bitcoin's footsteps, and the movements of the Bitcoin markets actively influences these coins. If Bitcoin is up, these cryptos are up, and vice versa.

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